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        Xinghai County Tongxin Mining Co., Ltd., founded in August, 2014, has 10 million yuan registered capital. Its main business is the exploitation, processing and sale for mine, the research and development, consultation and services of mine products.

        Xinghai County Tongxin Mining Co., Ltd., belonging to Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd., is a key enterprise in attracting investment for Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Government of Hainan, Qinghai. The main mine of company is the Ma Wengen Silver (Gold) Mine.

        The Ma Wengen Silver (Gold) Mine is located in the southwest edge of Gonghe Basin on the east of Qinghai, and lies in the junction of Xinghai County and Gonghe County. From the diggings to Xining City is about 250 kilometers, to Hainan Prefecture is about 100 kilometers, and to Tram 5 in Tang Gemu Town is about 5 kilometers. Daobang highway passes through the south of diggings, and going by the Tiegai Township can directly get to the diggings. The administrative division belongs to Hainan Prefecture. The right of prospecting is 8.76 square kilometers in area, and it has 3400——3890 meters’ altitude. Six ore bodies have been found. In the polymetallic belt of Elashan, we preliminary estimates this belt has more than 1 million ton ore reserves. There are gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tin and cadmium in the ore reserves, therefore, it hides large exploitation value, and has a lager scale of mining.



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